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A __ is a term to describe where the greenhouse gases go after they leave the atmosphere
Which kind of lifting is associated with the presence of a mountain, which creates a 'barrier'?
What is one example os a strike-slip fault?
The energy that enters the atmosphere (solar radiation) is in __ wavelengths
Which mechanism is associated with local heating and the heating up of land associated with an upward movement of air?
What type of collision causes volcanic islands?
The youngest part of the ocean floor is also known as the __
At what temperature of air is there lesser maximum water vapor possible (100% relative humidity)?
What famous mountain range is an example of continental-continental collision?
Air parcels __ interally as they are compressed by higher air pressure
What is the main source of methane in the atmosphere?
Because of Global Warming, __ are no longer adapted to their local climate
Cloud albedo forcing is an example of what?
What is the main use of water in developing countries?
Global Warming is causing many __ feedback loops in the natural environment
What is the main use of water in the U.S.?
What is the DAR (Dry Ariabatic Rate)?
Cloud form over land because of __ lifting
What percentage of fresh water is surface water?
What percentage of surface water is in the form of ice and glaciers?
Air parcels __ internally as they expand under lower air pressure
Which atmospheric lifting mechanism is associated with a lower pressure system and the air converging from all directions?
Earth's infrared emission to space is in __ wavelengths
What is the term for plates that do not collide, but rest against each other?
Which kind of lifting occurs as air masses move and meet another air mass (e.g. cold front wedges its way under a warm air mass)?
The 3 most important greenhouse gases are:
What percentage of earth's water is fresh water?
What kind of high tide occurs when the earth, sun, and moon are all aligned?
Where has most of the warming (globally) occurred?
When a warm front moves over a cold air mass, is it sudden or gradual?
What is the MAR (Moist Ariabatic Rate)?
Warm front moving over cold air mass causes __ weather
What is the term for one crust of the oceanic ridge going underneath another and causing friction?

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