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What fictional island is the film's villain from?
What is the main villain's name?
What his the name of his alter ego?
And where is he based?
What is the last name of the MI6 agent that we see die int he opening scene of the film?
One of the villain's henchmen has a mechanical prosthetic arm. What is his name?
Another henceman is a rather large, soft spoken fellow. His name is?
The fictional island has its own legend-type person. What is his name?
The female that is skilled with tarot cards also works for the villain. What is her name?
When Mr. Bond is on his way to meet Felix for the first time, his cab driver is killed. Felix later asks for a make on what type of car in regards to the killer?
What is the name of the foul-mouthed lawman that 007 meets in louisiana?
What chain of restaurants is run by the main villain and his alter ego?
Who checks in to the hotel ahead of 007, and uses the cover alias of Mrs. Bond?
Who does she work for?
Who do we find out she REALLY works for?
How does the villain intend to dispose of Mr. Bond and the fortune teller?
And what item does 007 use to put an end to the villain?
What does the villain's alter ego say to 007 when he starts to tell him his name?

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