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Moderately Fast 90 BPMTempos
Very Slow 60 BPMTempos
Slow DownTempos
Quick And Lively 120 BPMTempos
Without Separation Or Re-Articulation Between NotesArticulation
Disconnected But FullArticulation
Detached Or SeparateArticulation
Smooth Without SilenceArticulation
Fortissimo 'Very Loud'Dynamics
Mezzo-Piano 'Medium Quiet'Dynamics
Sforzando 'Strong, Sudden Accent'Dynamics
Mezzo-Forte 'Medium Loud'Dynamics
Pianissimo 'Very Quiet'Dynamics
Fortepiano 'Sforzando Followed By Piano'Dynamics
Forte 'Loud'Dynamics
Piano 'SoftDynamics
Each Sound Fits Into Each Other Sound
Adjusting Pitch To Stay In Tune With Each Other Instrument
'Get Gradually Louder'Dynamics
'Get Gradually Softer'Dynamics
No One Section Overpowers Any Other Section
Three Or More Different Notes That Sound SimultaneouslyTheory
Italian, Meaning 'From The Beginning' Often Abbreviated D.C.
Two Notes That Differ In Name Only. The Notes Occupy The Same Position. For Example: C Sharp And D FlatTheory
The Difference In Pitch Between Two NotesTheory
Italian For 'From The Sign' Often Abbreviated D.S.
Italian For 'Tail' In Music, It Is A Passage Which Brings A Movement Or A Seperate Piece To A Conclusion Through Prolongation
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