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QUIZ: Can you answer the trivia questions, uncover the hidden message, and solve the final question?

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1. What is the first name of Sherlock Holmes's brother?
2. The second Schleswig war was fought in 1864 between Austria, Prussia and which other European country?
3. Which noble gas is missing from this sequence: helium, neon, ___, krypton, xenon, radon?
4. The 1991 film directed by Gus Van Sant and starring River Phoenix, loosely based on Shakespearean history plays, is called My Own Private.... what?
5. What band did Zayn Malik leave in March 2015?
6. In France, what three-word acronym is used to refer to the country's high-speed trains?
7. Which man's name can go before 'Lendl', 'the Terrible' and 'ka Trump'?
8. What English verb can be translated into 'manger' in French, 'essen' in German and 'comer' in Spanish?
9. What black and white spotted breed of dog takes its name from a region of Croatia and features in the title of a children's book by Dodie Smith?
10. What word, meaning a device that helps someone remember, can be preceded by the word 'Johnny' to give the title of a 1995 Keanu Reeves film?
11. Word which precedes the hidden message to complete the phrase?

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