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From the pairs of definitions given, can you name the 7-letter words which make 6-letter words when you remove their first letter (HEATING/EATING, PARABLE/ARABLE and so on)?

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Make shorter > Card game for four players
It collects waste from the kidneys > It has rungs for climbing
Talk informally > Alice met a mad one in Wonderland
Pulled roughly > Messy, torn
Oriental > Towards the back of a boat
Feeling > Movement
Praise insincerely > The second of two options; not the former
Shine wetly > Pay attention
You can cook on one > Puzzle, enigma
Damaging, deleterious > As much as you can carry
Humorous > Relating to the eye
Giving on a temporary basis > Conclusion
Embryonic > A climb or walk to the top of a hill or mountain
Supple > Legally responsible
Its capital was once Konigsberg > Its capital was once St Petersburg
Suffocate > Female parent
Deprived of daylight > Except if
Ingest > Roll about like a pig in mud
In that place > In this place
Serious > One hundred minus twenty

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