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Can you identify the 5-letter words which become 4-letter words when you remove their middle letter (HEARD>HARD, MOTOR>MOOR, for example)?

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Started > Food that can be kidney, garbanzo or string
Leap > 007
Food made of flour, yeast and water > Mr Pitt, an actor
, > Deep unconsciousness
What the Great Barrier Reef is made of > Solid fuel
Put off until later > Stag or doe
Not sink > UK word for apartment
Cut in two > Possess
Evergreen shrub with spiky leaves > Sacred
It neighs > It sprays
Jouster's weapon > Delicate fabric
Immature insect > Volcanic hot stuff
Leaf on Canadian flag > Man or boy
Iron, for example > Dinner, for example
April, for example > Butterfly's cousin
Answer > Depend upon
Team sport with an oval ball > Red gemstone
Eight minus one > Observed
Yell > Close
King Arthur had a round one > Story

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