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Can you name the 7-letter words which become 6-letter words when you remove their middle letter (GARNISH>GARISH, PIERCES>PIECES, for example)?

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Sport which can be 'ten-pin' > Bending from the waist as a sign of respect
Butcher's blade for cutting meat > Intelligent, smart
Burn a dead body > Make
Ward off, turn away (a weapon or criticism, for example) > Flaw
Sweet course after the main course > Gobi or Sahara, for example
Nationality of someone from Helsinki > Conclusion
Someone who goes searching for food > Someone who makes counterfeit items
Rubbish > Where you might park: Moe Syzslak calls his a 'car hole'
Went very quickly > Threw violently
Examine, look into > Six-legged arthropod
Student, apprentice > Thinner
Herb that may precede sage, rosemary and thyme > (Hold) negotiations
A person receiving medical treatment > An inventor may get one to protect an idea
A performance of music or poetry > Relating to one's rear end
Disfigured > Frightened
Shake, shiver > A musical clef higher than the bass clef

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