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Can you name the paired words which differ by one letter, in each case the changed letter being TWO later in alphabetical order?

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Highest point > Tap with beak, like a hen
Thinking organ > Sewer, gutter
Automobile > Listening organ
Broad > Female spouse
Saltwater > Fetch
Come after > Cavity
Mrs Simpson > Mrs Curie
Cut > Playing card
Small (like a skirt?) > Furry semiaquatic mammal
Mandible > Rule
Body of fresh water > Unable to walk properly
Discuss > Armoured vehicle
Male cat > As well
Evergreen tree > Gandalf smoked one
French 'yes' > French 'who'
Equality > Unusual thing or event
Reasonably, relatively > Series of rooms (eg, in a hotel)
Ward off > Celebration
Send in the mail > Sulky expression
Make rasping sound > Tomb
Vile > Poultry
You cook things in it > Cattle
Shrink in fear > More shy
Money you pay to the government > Devilish animated marsupial

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