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Can you name the paired words which differ by one letter, in each case the changed letter being THREE later in alphabetical order?

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Someone perusing > More auburn
Farm building > Deserve
Thick rope or wire > What Aesop wrote
South African currency > Called on the phone
Opposite of war > Fruit (James had a giant one)
Float gently > Be patient
Thick Cajun soup or stew > Massive
In good health > Leafy green vegetable
Cry plaintively > Barrier
Keep in the air simultaneously > Non-wizard, in Harry Potter's world
Financier > Pennant or poster
Flowering bulb - varieties include tiger, trumpet and Turk's cap > Greasy
Turn from solid to liquid > Animal's skin
French for 'night' > Give up
Thing at the end of a leg > Military building
Walk with a long stride > Fail to win
Gulf state, capital Doha > Ethnic group in Russia
In addition, increasingly, extra > Pout
Not poetry > Show to be true
Drunkard > Female pig
Mr Reed of the Velvet Underground > Smoked salmon
The day before > Seeing organ
Court > Menagerie

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