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QUIZ: Can you name the paired words which differ by one letter, in each case the changed letter being FOUR later in alphabetical order?

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Wed > Cheerful
Plant disease > A journey through air
Power > Where a blacksmith works
Lack, scarcity > Fireplace, home
Shakespeare's tragic king > Someone who doesn't tell the truth
Intense anger > Group of people who decide the verdict in a trial
Imprison > Food traditionally made of flour, eggs, sugar and butter
Ovines > Slumber
Indonesian island > Soothing ointment
Joke, the opposite of seriousness > Where a bird lives
The male equivalent of a nun > Opposite of stereo
Songbird > Public garden or green space
Fake, counterfeit > Mr O'Neal, former basketball player
Belonging to or representing a country > Sane, logical
Waterbird sometimes said to be bald > Price
Item of cutlery combining the attributes of a fork and a spoon > Bird that brings babies
Base of military operations, two-letter abbreviation > Jintao, former Chinese president
Someone who brings something, such as bad news > Big-toothed mammal that makes dams
Apologetic > Experience anxiety
Outer garment or layer of paint > Persuade gently
You chew it > You exercise in it
Tomb > Feed on grass

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