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Can you name the paired words which differ by one letter, in each case the changed letter being FIVE later in alphabetical order?

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Gasses in the atmosphere > Evergreen conifer
Insipid > Organ such as the pituitary, thymus or hypothalamus
Stringed instrument > Word of greeting
Material that helps start fires > Smaller
Auricular jewellery that could be a stud or a hoop > Discordant, unharmonious
Existence > Feel affection for
Where actors perform > Not fresh
Dull pain > Wile E. Coyote's favourite brand
Woven braid > Living organism with chlorophyll
Protrude > Opposite of 'in'
Jab sharply > Head of the Roman Catholic church
Portuguese version of of French name 'Louis' > Test of knowledge in the form of a game - sporcle has lots!
Measure of distance > Make angry
Come up with, create > Commit money in the hope of achieving a profit
Warmer > Horn, nose or owl?
UK word for 'faucet' > Nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet
Measure of intelligence > The number four in Roman numerals
Expected score at golf > Animal's foot
Fourth planet from the Sun > Political thinker, author of 'Das Kapital'
Flat-bottomed boat > Weak, underdeveloped
Chemical symbol for gold > Abbreviation for US state containing the Grand Canyon

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