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Can you name the 6-letter words - including some proper nouns, foreign words and unusual terms - to complete this VERY DIFFICULT loop?

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1. Musical pieces with repeated themes
2. Informal British word for rough sleeper or lazy person
3. African cat also called tierboskat
4. Honour, worth
5. Graham Greene novel, '____ in Havana' (two three-letter words)
6. Praying (and preying) insect
7. You blow your nose on it
8. Brushed calfskin leathers, or objects made from them
9. Plan, blueprint
10. Give the cold shoulder to
11. US State, capital Salem, largest city Portland
12. Reproductive organs
13. To acquire a thin layer (of a gas, for example) on the surface
14. Paths that planets follow around the Sun
15. 'We have nothing to fear but fear ____'
16. Similar to Elrond, for example
17. Mesopotamian goddess of war and sex
18. Group of seven bones in the ankle, or Turkish city
19. Historic county of SE England containing Chichester and Brighton
20. Very attractive person (informal)
21. Root vegetable made into chips, crisps and fries
22. Elements have an ___ mass and ___ number
23. One millionth of a metre (common name)
24. Musical pieces with repeated themes, like this one

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