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Can you name the 6-letter words - including some proper nouns, foreign words and tricky terms - to complete the loop?

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1. Religious lesson delivered from a pulpit
2. Marmoset, howler, spider and capuchin, for example
3. It lets you type in numbers at an ATM or a calculator
4. Priests or chaplains, especially in the army
5. Live, dwell
6. Principles
7. Part of France near Lorraine
8. Vinegar contains this acid
9. A watch, a heart or a machine that prints telegraph reports
10. Middle bit of a nut or seed
11. Naval officer commemorated on a column in Trafalgar Square, London
12. Surname of Susan, American writer and intellectual, 1933-2004
13. Someone who sprays their graffiti symbol in public places
14. A resident of Berlin, for example
15. Oversee, administer
16. Getting older
17. Spanish for 'English'
18. Not major, not as important
19. Religious lesson delivered from pulpit

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