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Can you find the 6-letter words and close the loop?

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1. Scottish loch monster (to her friends)
2. Afternoon nap
3. Gazed at, looked for a long time
4. More auburn, more crimson
5. Go off the tracks (of a train)
6. Sick, unwell
7. Take in, swallow
8. Book of the Old Testament named after a Jewish princess
9. Very addictive opioid drug
10. Informal name for a pig, based on the noise it makes
11. Muppet who is a frog
12. Type of glove
13. Roger Federer's game
14. Japanese car manufacturer
15. Light, open shoe
16. Timothy, actor who played James Bond
17. British word for multiple units of 1,000kg
18. Scottish loch monster (to her friends)

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