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Forced Order
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What does Kyle hate more than pee?
Who was Kenny's girlfriend in 'The Ring'?
The Queef Sisters names are Katherine and _______ Queef.
What was Shelly's internet boyfriend's name in 'Over Logging'?
What was the name of the rabbit in 'Fantastic Easter Special'?
What was the name of the muslim kid in 'The Snuke'?
What NHL team did Stan's pee wee hockey team play at the Pepsi Center?
How many dollars did it cost to send Willzyx to the moon from the MASA?
What city is the other baseball team from in the colorado state championship in 'The Losing Edge'?
What store does the South Park people buy all their things from after they destroyed the Wal-Mart?
During Lemmiwinks journey through Mr. Slave's body he encounters the frog king, the sparrow prince, and what else?
What is the name of the man who comes from the future in 'Trapper Keeper'?
Who sings the prostitute song with Chef in 'Fat Camp'?
What does Mr. Garrison name his own vehicle to try to beat the airlines?
What game console do the boys buy in 'Towelie'?
What does the new Prime Minister of Canada prevent the French Canadians from doing in 'It's Christmas in Canada'?
What is the name of the prostitute does Jimmy have sex with in 'Erection Day'?
Who shoots at Stan and Kyle in the White House with a crossbow in 'Mystery of the Urinal Duece'?
The name of the sheep herder in 'Insheeption'.
The name of Cartman's podcast in 'You Have 0 Friends'.
Who had lice in the class in 'Lice Capades'?
What town sent their homeless to South park in 'Night of the Living Homeless'?
What does Obama and his crew steal in 'About Last Night...'?
Who does Mr. Slave marry in 'Follow That Egg!'?
What is the name of the dancing duck in 'You Got F'd in the A'?
What is the address for Motivation Corp?
What nickname do the children give Ms. Choksondik?
What is Tad's nickname for Stan in 'Asspen'?
What does Timmy name his turkey in 'Helen Keller! The Musical'?
The chicken molester in 'Chickenlover' was caught with what president's face on him as a mask?
Who is the lawyer that uses the Chewbacca defense in 'Chef Aid'?

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