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QUIZ: Can you name the Magic; The Gathering, Legendary Creatures?

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Forced Order
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Cabal Minion
the Avenger
the Open Fist
the Anima
Hero of Hefei
Volcano Born
the Dreadful
Sylvok Outcast
Lady of Scrolls
Samurai General
the Blight Dragon
Son of Seshiro
Samite Healer
Nomad Captain
First to Stand
Seasons' Guide
the Igniter
Great Glass-Spinner
Cat Warrior
Konda's Yojimbo
Kitsune Ascendant
the Wary
Weaver of Life
Dementia Master
Zephyr Mage
the Fevered Dream
Wizard Savant
River Cutthroat
the Punisher
Wizard Adept
King of Kjeldor
the Necromancer
Conjurer Adept
Goblin Tactician
Minamo Sensei
Mirror Breaker
the Inscrutable
Tyrant of
the Renewer
Core Augur
Cephalid Emperor
Ship's Navigator
the Defiled
the History of Kamigawa
the Mocking Sage
Renegade Leader
Iron Golem
the Firemind
Wei Advisor
the Desecrator
the Indecisive
the Odious
Hero of Kinsbaile
Shu General
Queen of
Dust Drinker
Who Bars the Way
the Mornsong
Mage of Zhalfir
the Purger
the Lone Wolf
Whispering Hunter
Boggart Auntie
the Last Visitor
the Gilt-Leaf
the Omnipotent
the Claw
the Tidemaker
Simic Visionary
Lich Lord
Bound by Honor
River Guide
High Arcanist
Wei General
Shield of Emeria
the Unjust
Life Aspect
of Corondor
Traitor to Mortals
Goblin Tinkerer
Servant of Oni
the Untouchable
Nantuko Primus
the Traitor
Rimewind Master
the Hidden
Master Wizard
the Ruin Sage
the Ghitu
Lord of Wei
False God
the Abbot
the Rising Star
Death's Wail
the Evening Star
the Morning Star
Twilight Guardian
the Slayer
Keldon Overseer
Shizo's Caretaker
Voice of Hunger
the Enchanter
Wei Field Marshal
Mother of Summer
First to Suffer
Wu Strategist
Scholar General
Sanity's Eclipse
the Traitor King
Boros Archangel
Master of Winds
Who Split the Heavens
the Tyrant
the Raidmother
the Prevailer
the Hardhearted
Daughter of Seshiro
the Stout
Lord of Leaves
Silver Golem
Defiant Hero
Tyrant of Jund
Kitsune Sage
Krosan Protector
the Closed Fist
the Smiling Cat
Hound of Konda
Lost but Seeking
the Impostor
Rogue Elemental
the Siege Tower
Master Breeder
Stromgald Scourge
Cephalid Empress
the Hegemon
the Fallen
the Sky Asunder
Grand Cenobite
Lord of Wu
Sleeping Dragon
Bandit Warlord
the Exiled
the Miststalker
the One-Eyed
Warrior Queen
the Revealer
Heart of Oceans
Ogre Ascendant
the Bloodcloaked
Wojek Veteran
Aerie Keeper
the Defiler
Fierce Warrior
of Kher Keep
Artificer Prodigy
War's Wage
First to Dream
Heir to Keld
Chief Commander
Leonine Titan
Orochi Ascendant
Tiger General
First to Live
Young Phoenix
Talruum Hero
the Many
Plague Queen
the Fallen
Holy Avenger
Enlightened Bushi
Heir to Blackblade
Angel of Wrath
the Bloodbraided
the Infinite Gyre
Akki Hermit
Task Mage
Ascendant Hero
Master Yamabushi
the Ruthless
Akki Crackshot
Zephyr Mage
Whispering One
the Falconer
of Efrava
Asura of War
Wu Advisor
the Explorer
the Risen Deep
Honored Physician
Dark Angel
Azami's Familiar
Fist of Krosa
the Corrupted
the Blood Witch
Barbarian King
the Falling Star
the Cursed
Locus of Mana
Mind Raker
Wei Commander
Caller of Autumn
Soratami Ascendant
the Pilgrim
Warrior Adept
Reality Sculptor
the Devastator
the Awakener
Llanowar Emissary
Wu General
the Humorless
the Hate Seed
the Risen
Fist of Krosa
Grove Guardian
Young Conquerer
Orzhov Scion
the Redeemed
the Prisoner
the Falling Leaf
the Clouded Mirror
Academy Chancellor
the Lowblood
Dimir Lobotomist
Kalastria Bloodchief
the Earth Aflame
Keeper of Silence
the Swamp King
the Ancient
Truth Seeker
Western Warrior
the Harvester
the Banisher
Human Ascendant
Golden Cub
the Dreamer
Queen of
Silent Prophet
Kha Regent
Samite Master
Empress of Beasts
Pit Fighter
Angel of Fury
the Anointed
the Last Troll
the Extinguisher
Bloodchief of Ghet
Krosan Hero
the Hunter
Night's Flower
Lord of Secrets
Lord of Eiganjo
the Aeons Torn
Lord of
the Merciless
Memory of Loyalty
Minamo Historian
Perverter of Truth
Goblin Nabob
the Still Wind
Lord of Shu
Sainted Warrior
Butcher of Truth
the Biting Gale
Death Aspect
the Cursed
Samite Guardian
First to Desire
Golden Feather
Shaper Savant
Born of Ash
Artful Beauty
the Relentless
the Tide Star

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