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The ClueAnswerThe Hint (if I give you one)
The first noble gas
Usain Bolt's 100 meter WR time
The Capital City of KosovoIt starts with 'P'
The Coen Brothers' first film
Location of Leonidas' stand against Xerxes
What's a Katana?
Italian car manufacturer since 1910
1066Beginning of an era
Famous death 1953
Name for the plastic or metal tip of a shoelace
Kubrick's last movie
The second noble gasReeves signature role
The Coen Brothers' second film
Groove between the nose and the upper lipIt doesn't start with an 'F'
Country annexed to Third Reich in March 1938
Italian Car manufacturer since 1963
The third noble gas
Most gold medals at Olympic Winter Games, all time
1453End of an era
Device used to look inside a body cavity or organIt's a scope
Kubrick's second to last movie
Location of epic Ottoman siege: 1565The besieged were Knights of St. John
The Coen Brothers' third filmGabriel Byrne
Homer Simpson co-worker
Famous death 1976
Italian car manufacturer since 1947
'I shall return!'Manila
The fourth noble gasBrando played someone from there
Epic Siege: 1836
The ClueAnswerThe Hint (if I give you one)
Italian car manufacturer since 194
The fifth noble gasNot the warrior princess
Next Kubrick film, still going backwards
Hispaniola - West side
Next Coen Brothers film, still going forwardHe ain't no rat
Main character: Crime & Punishment
Vito Corleone's surname at birth
The sixth noble gasA tough one - they find it in a lot of old buildings
Hispaniola - East side
The first German car company
Next Kubrick film, still going backwards
Next Coen Brothers film, still going forward
The last CEO of Enron
Where the Vietnamese ruined the FrenchIt was a siege too, in 1954!
John Le Carré's 3rd novelHis first International Bestseller
Russian Monarch caught on the wrong side of history - 1917
Next Kubrick film, still going backwards
Next Coen Brothers film, still going forward
Acronym for the bailouts Congress gave to Wall Street Investment banks since 2008
Acronym for 2 major arms reduction treaties between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.They were signed in 1972 and 1979
German Field Marshall North Africa
Grace Kelly's HusbandMmmmm. Cherries.
President of Chile, assassinated in 1973
Northernmost national capitalcity
The Puerto Rican gang in West Side Story
Overture of 1812 composer
Colloquial name for Deuterium
Next Kubrick film, still going backwards
Next Coen Brothers film, still going forward
Year of Charlemagne's coronation in Rome

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