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Can you name the Harry Potter Places A-Z?

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A: In the middle of the North Sea
B: A small village which provides refuge to a former potions master
C: Home of the Railview Hotel
D: A wizarding shopping location
E: Justin Finch-Fletchley had his name down for this school
F: The silver doe appears here
G: A London street with unconventional numbering
H: Little Hangleton's busy pub
I: Where Aunt Marge ate a 'funny whelk'
J: Native habitat of the kappa
K: Home of Platform 9 3/4
L: A town in Surrey
M: Favourite destination of Hogwarts couples
N: A prison 'for the greater good'
O: Home of The Burrow
P: Hidden location of St. Mungo's
Q:One of Harry's favourite shops on Diagon Alley
R: Location of Voldemort's first murders
S: Location of the Portkey to the World Cup
T: The 'first place' that came into Hermione's head after the wedding
U: A wizarding village in Yorkshire
V: Where Tom Riddle bought his diary
W: Home of Mrs Figg
Z: Hogsmeade's joke shop

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