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Can you name the alliterative names/items from Harry Potter books 1 -7?

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A: 5th Year Hogwarts Potion text book
B: Long-time resident of Godric's Hollow
C: Ron's favourite Quidditch team
D: The first wizard to shake Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron
E: A branch of potions taught in the 6th year
F: A joke product, once confiscated by Hermione
G: Writes weekly fan mail to Lockhart
H: Ghost group led by Sir Patrick Delaney Podmore
I: Author of 'The Dream Oracle'
J: A book found in the Room of Requirement during the first DA meeting
K: Hagrid's official job title
L: A spell practiced by Malfoy on Neville Longbottom
M: The title of Lockhart's autobiography
N: A sweet found in a Skiving Snackbox
O: Chapter 36 of The Order of the Phoenix (The ____ ___ He Ever Feared)
P: A Slytherin prefect
Q: The type of quill often used by Rita Skeeter
R: The founder of a Hogwarts house
S: A device used by Filch to check incoming students
T: The device used by Hermione in her 3rd year
U: 18th century Goblin rebel leader
V: One of Lockhart's set text books
W:The team Ludo Bagman played for in his Quidditch days
Y: Another Lockhart text book

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