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Can you name the South American capitals by their word origin?

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Forced Order
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Possibly from Magellan saying 'I saw a hill' in PortugueseContraversial Origin
Derived from the country's latin name
Named after an indigeneous tribe of the same name
Litterally 'good air' in its official language, but perhaps better translated as 'fair winds'
Named after King George III
Named after the tribe that lived in the area, whose name means 'centre of the world'
The Spanish pronunciation of the Quechua word for 'talker'
Named in honour of a 'sweet' revolutionary leader(constitutional)
Named after the Carib tribe Parmirbo
Named after Saint James, son of Zebedee
'Assumption' in its official language
A derivative for the word for 'planted fields' by the Muiscas
The offical name means 'Our Lady of Peace' in its official language(administrative)

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