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Can you name the North American capitals by their word origin?

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'Reed' in one of the country's vernacular languages
'Prince's port' in one of the official languages
Named as belonging to a saint... the baptist?
Nickname that stuck referencing a bridge constructed by the British
Same etymology of the country, either from the Cueva Indian language meaning 'place of many fish' or from the native term of a local tree
Named after the early European settlers, who established the port
Named after the first president of the country and the italian born explorer for Spain who 'discovered' the continent
Named after a saint with the last name de Guzman
Possibly from the Nahuatl word that means 'silver hills'Exact meaning has not been established
Same etymology as the country, which may mean 'land of the trees' in the Maya-Toltec language or the Spanish corruption of a Nahoa word meaning 'land of the snake-eating bird'
'Holy saviour' in the official language
Second alphabetically of the two capitals that mean 'King's Town'
Named after a French commander
Named after the native people, Odawa, whose name probably means 'traders'
'low land' in its offical language
Named as belonging to the patron saint of England
First alphabetically of the two capitals that mean 'King's Town'
Named after the House of Orange on the Netherlands
'Saint Joseph' in the official language
'adjacent to the water' or 'surrounded by water' in the indigenous Nahuatl language
Possibly the Spanish version of a local native American chief, Habaguanex
A compound name of the longest river in the country and one of the rivers in the area
According to legend, named after the war god; or a blend of the Nahuatl words for 'moon' and 'navel'...Many different theories

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