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RoleInternational StarNationality Played
Col Thompson, 29th Infantry DivisionAmerican
Madame BarraultFrench
US Army RangerAmerican
Group Captain J M StaggBritish
Father Louis RoullandFrench
Pvt. 'Dutch' Schultz, 82nd Airbourne DivisonAmerican
Major Werner PluskatGerman
Mayor of CollevilleFrench
Flying Officer David CampbellBritish
Pvt. John Steele, 82nd Airbourne DivisionAmerican
Private FlanaganBritish
US Army RangerAmerican
Major General Robert HainesAmerican
Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt JrAmerican
Cpt. Harding, 82nd Airbourne DivisionAmerican
Unteroffizier 'Kaffeekanne'German
Brigadier Edwin P Parker JrBritish
British Military Chaplain, 6th Airbourne DivisionBritish
RAF Pilot at baseBritish
Sgt. John H FullerAmerican
RoleInternational StarNationality Played
General de Infanterie Gunther BlumentrittGerman
Major General Walter Bedell SmithAmerican
Brigadier, Lord LovatBritish
Capitaine de Fregate Philippe KiefferFrench
Private Morris, 4th Infantry DivisionAmerican
Private Watney, 3rd Infantry DivisionBritish
Private MartiniAmerican
Brigadier General Norman CotaAmerican
Capt. Colin Maud, RNBritish
Major General Raymond O BartonAmerican
RAF OfficerBritish
Generalmajor Max PemselGerman
Brigadier General James M GavinAmerican
Contre-amiral JanjardFrench
Destroyer CommanderAmerican
Major John Howard, 2nd Ox and BucksBritish
Oberstleutnant OckerGerman
US Army RangerAmerican
Paratrooper, 6th Airbourne DivisionBritish
Lt. Col. Benjamin VandervoortAmerican
Lt. Sheen, 82nd Airbourne DivisionAmerican

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