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Can you name the Superbowl Winning Coaches by Year?

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Super Bowl, Teams PlayingWinning Coach Losing Coach
I - GB vs KCHank Stram
II- GB vs OAKJohn Raunch
III- NYJ vs BC (Baltimore Colts)Don Shula
IV- KC vs MINBud Grant
V- BC vs DALTom Landry
VI- DAL vs MIADon Shula
VII- MIA vs WASGeorge Allen
VIII- MIA vs MINBud Grant
IX- PIT vs MINBud Grant
X- PIT vs DALTom Landry
XI- OAK vs MINBud Grant
XII- DAL vs DENRed Miller
XIII- PIT vs DALTom Landry
XIV- PIT vs LA RamsRay Malavasi
XV- OAK vs PHIDick Vermeil
XVI- SF vs CINForrest Gregg
XVII- WAS vs MIADon Shula
XVII- LA Raiders vs WASJoe Gibbs
XIX- SF vs MIADon Shula
XX- CHI vs NERaymond Berry
XXI- NYG vs DENDan Reeves
XXII- WAS vs DENDan Reeves
XXIII- SF vs CINSam Wyche
Super Bowl, Teams PlayingWinning Coach Losing Coach
XXIV-SF vs DENDan Reeves
XXV- NYG vs BUFMarv Levy
XXVI- WAS vs BUFMarv Levy
XXVII- DAL vs BUFMarv Levy
XXIX- SF vs SDBobby Ross
XXX- DAL vs PITBill Cowher
XXXI- GB vs NEBill Parcells
XXXII- DEN vs GBMike Holmgren
XXXIII- DEN vs ATLDan Reeves
XXXIV- STL vs TENJeff Fisher
XXXV- BAL vs NYGJim Fassel
XXXVI- NE vs STLMike Martz
XXXVII- TB vs OAKBill Callahan
XXXIX- NE vs PHIAndy Reid
XL- PIT vs SEAMike Holmgren
XLI- IND vs CHILovie Smith
XLII- NYG vs NEBill Belichick
XLIII- PIT vs ARIKen Whisenhunt
XLIV- NO vs INDJim Caldwell
XLV- GB vs PITMike Tomlin

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