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QUIZ: Can you name the random facts about Iron Maiden?

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Year they were formed
Founder of the band
Original singer
Name one of their original guitarists
Original drummer
Venue of their first gig
First vinyl release
First single for EMI
First promotional video
Name of their mascot
Artist who created him
First song that Bruce Dickinson sang in concert with the band
Man who spoke the intro to 'The Number of the Beast'
Tour that promoted 'The Number of the Beast' album
Nicko McBrain's real name (given name + surname)
Original title of the song ultimately known as 'To Tame a Land'
Name the two songs from 'Powerslave' album never released on a single (including b-sides/promos/live versions)
Poet who wrote the original 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
Only Iron Maiden song to feature Adrian Smith on lead vocals
'Sheriff of Huddersfield' was written with this man in mind
Number of Bruce Dickinson compositions on 'Somewhere in Time'
Keyboard player seen on stage during 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' on 'Maiden England'
First single released also on cd
Country where Janick Gers was born
Single released in a special limited edition 'brain pack' (there were other formats too, of course)
Song about football hooligans
City where the live version (issued as a single) of 'Fear of the Dark' was recorded
Magician on the 'Raising Hell' concert video
Blaze Bayley's band before joining Iron Maiden
'The Edge of Darkness' is based on this movie
Name one of the studio outtakes released as b-sides with 'Man on the Edge'
Art director that designed sleeve and booklet for 'The X Factor'
Name of the Iron Maiden computer game that was withdrawn circa 'Best of the Beast'
Colombian football player in 'Virtual XI'
Producer of 'Brave New World' album
Song on 'Dance of Death' that was the first one ever credited partially to Nicko McBrain
Band that performed 'Hocus Pocus' originally
Name of Iron Maiden's own airplane
Bruce Dickinson flies Boeing 757 for which company
Football team that Steve Harris supports

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