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What is the title of Agitation Free's debut album?krautrock classic from 1972
Who was the lead singer with Affinity?British jazz-rock band, active 1968-71
Who played drums on Kiss' album Unmasked (1980)?no, it wasn't Peter Criss though that's what the sleeve claims...
What is 'Princess of the Night' that Saxon sings about?classic slice of British heavy metal from 1981
Which metal band released the single 'Rasputin' in 2007?cover version of the disco hit by Boney M
Who is the leader of Richmond Fontaine?critically acclaimed US alt. country group
Which Deep Purple related band released the album 'Going Back to Colorado' in 1971?female-fronted blues/hard rock outfit from Boulder, CO
Which song by Elton John is featured in the movie 'The Ice Storm'?the Ang Lee film from 1997 (based in 1973)
Who wrote the soundtrack for 1984 re-release of the film 'Metropolis'?Fritz Lang's silent era classic from 1927
Who was Iron Maiden's original lead vocalist?Iron Maiden was formed in 1975

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