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Your physical strength is multiplied by 100. You can lift heavy object, break them in half, or throw them really far.
Instantly teleport to any location in this world and beyond simply by willing it. You can teleport across the room or across the galaxy with the same effort.
Your body and mind are able to function at a near immeasurable speed! You can run faster than a bullet, type an entire encyclopedia in an hour, and play tennis against yourself wi
Your mind is more powerful than the world’s most advanced super computer. You’re able to perform thousands of calculations per second and to remember everything you read or see
You can make yourself intangible on a molecular level so that you may temporarily pass through any solid objects.
You are immune to poison, corrosion, direct impact, radiation, and anything else that can kill you other than hunger, drowning, asphyxiation, or old age.
Take on the appearance or shape of any person real or imagine as long as it is of a similar mass. Emulate any voice or scent.
Become completely undetectable by the human eye. No one can see you, not even cameras.
Read the minds of others. Project your thoughts into the minds of others. These thoughts can be in the form of words or images.
Take complete control of any other person or animal’s thought process and/or actions. You can choose to allow the person their thought process but control their actions completel

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