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Can you name the candy puns used in Holy Musical B@man?

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'Well, well, well, looks like you guys are up to your old...'Sweet Tooth
'The Joker? [laughs] The Joker was a...'Sweet Tooth
'Yes, it's been quite a _____, hasn't it?'Sweet Tooth
'I mean, what are you all planning to do this time? Kidnap the mayor and ransom him off for _____ _____?'Sweet Tooth
'Now quit your...'Sweet Tooth
'...you...'Sweet Tooth
'We've got a Bat in our belfry, and if we ever want it to be...'Sweet Tooth
'See, divided, we rogues are just...'Sweet Tooth
'...but together we pack a...'Sweet Tooth
'Sorry Batman, but I'm no...'The Penguin
'Gasp! _____ good plan.'Sweet Tooth
'Haven't you and Batman enjoyed my latest batch of...?'Sweet Tooth
'Aren't you a...?'Sweet Tooth
'Get ready to trade your _____ _____ for a padded cell!'Robin
'Oh, you're the one who's nutty if you think I'm going to the nuthouse, my _____ _____ wonder.'Sweet Tooth
'Get him, my...'Sweet Tooth
'We're gonna tear our your...'Gob
'Oh, you're not going anywhere, Miss Dawes...'Sweet Tooth
'I'm sorry Gob, but I'm the only _____ around here.'Robin
'Hand me my _____, Joe.'Sweet Tooth
'Doesn't Candy here look good enough to eat? She's my little...'Sweet Tooth
'Yeah, and he's my...'Candy
'It felt like a...'Candy
'So, whaddaya say, ST? Shall we kill him...?'Candy
'No, no, no. I have plans for this little...'Sweet Tooth
'_____ _____, boys!'Sweet Tooth
'Candy, be a _____ and tell my troops to advance on Gotham Square.'Sweet Tooth
'It's gonna be a _____ _____ in the old town tonight!'Sweet Tooth
'Poor Robin. He risks his life trying to be Gotham's...'Sweet Tooth
'So I've devised a little... a little, uh...'Sweet Tooth
'Feast your eyes on this! My nuclear...'Sweet Tooth
'...into the city's water supply. Oh, it's going to be quite the...'Sweet Tooth
'Just like all of Gotham's will, unless, hmm... _____ me this!'Sweet Tooth
'So unless Batman betrays you all and shows up at Gotham Square to save his little...'Sweet Tooth
'That's the sound of chaos...'Sweet Tooth
'Hey, what are these little...?'Sweet Tooth
'Do it, you...'Sweet Tooth
'I'll let Robin go... oops! _____!'Sweet Tooth
'Now he's...'Sweet Tooth
'I'm gonna _____ you in two!'Batman
'Oh come on, Batman...'Sweet Tooth
'Oh, I've got one last treat for you Batman, and it's a real...'Sweet Tooth

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