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Can you name the villains from the 1960's Batman TV series starring Adam West?

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Hi Diddle Riddle, Smack in the Middle, A Riddle a Day Keeps [title character] AwayFrank Gorshin
Fine Feathered Finks, [title character]'s a Jinx, [title character] Goes StraightBurgess Merideth
[title character] is Wild, Batman is Riled, [title character] Goes to SchoolCesar Romero
Rats Like Cheese, Instant FreezeGeorge Sanders
[title character], A Death Worse Than Fate, Louie the LilacAnne Baxter
The Thirteenth Hat, Batman Stands Pat, The Contaminated CowlDavid Wayne
True or [title character], Holy Rat RaceMalachi Throne
The Purr-fect Crime, Better Luck Next Time, Hot Off the GriddleJulie Newmar
The Curse of Tut, The Pharaoh's in a Rut, The Spell of TutVictor Buono
The [title character] Turns, While Gotham City BurnsRoddy McDowall
Shoot a Crooked Arrow, Walk the Straight and NarrowArt Carney
The [title character]'s Shakedown, Barbecued BatmanVan Johnson
The Greatest Mother of Them All, [title character]Shelley Winters
[title character]'s Crazy Times, [title character] Gets CrownedWalter Slezak
An Egg Grows in Gotham, The Yegg Foes in Gotham, Louie the LilacVincent Price
The Devil's Fingers, The Dead RingersLiberace
Green Ice, Deep FreezeOtto Perminger
[title character], Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds, Penguin is a Girl's Best FriendCarolyn Jones
Come Back [title character], It's How You Play the Game, The Great EscapeCliff Robertson
The Puzzles Are Coming, The Duo is SlummingMaurice Evans
[title character] Cometh, The Catwoman GoethMichael Rennie
Batman's Anniversary, A Riddling ControversyJohn Astin
A Piece of the Action, Batman's SatisfactionRoger C. Carmel
[title character] Strikes Again, Caught in the Spider's DenTalullah Bankhead
Ice Spy, The Duo DefyEli Wallach
Ring Around the Riddler, The Wall of the [title character]Joan Collins
The Wail of the Siren, The Sport of Penguins, A Horse of Another ColorEthel Merman
Ma Parker, [title character], Louie's Lethal Lilac TimeMilton Berle
The Londinium Larcenies, The Foggiest Notion, The Bloody TowerRudy Vallee
The Londinium Larcenies, The Foggiest Notion, The Bloody TowerGlynis Johns
The Bloody Tower, [title character]'s Dressed to Kill, The Funne Feline FeloniesEartha Kitt
Louie's Lethal Lilac Time, [title character] and Her Ladies' Crime ClubBarbara Rush
The Great Escape, The Great Train RobberyDina Merrill
The Entrancing [title character]Ida Lupino
The Entrancing [title character]Howard Duff
The Entrancing [title character], [title character] Mayhem and MillionairesZsa Zsa Gabor

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