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Can you name the Cast of Holy Musical B@man?

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CharacterCast Member
Sherlock Holmes, Sluggers, Citizen, Storekeeper
Batman, Chilly Willy
Vicki Vale, Evil Mother Goose,Martha Wayne
Green Lantern, Narrator, Mobster, Scarecrow, Construction Worker, Egghead, Gob
Alfred/Lucius Fox/O'Malley/Qwang Li/Spider-Man, Two-Face, Gangster
The Riddler, Rachel Dawes, TGI Fridays Worker, Specs, Chase Meridian
Poison Ivy, Candy, Gangster
CharacterCast Member
Mr. Freeze, Matches, Hawkman, Photoshop Downloader, Joe
Sweet Tooth, Aquaman, Joe Chill
Penguin, Police Chief O'Hara,Thomas Wayne,
Catwoman, Pizza Guy
Commissioner Gordon, Calendar Man, Evil King ArthurCommissioner Gordon, Calendar Man, Evil King Arthur
Superman/Clark Kent, Evil Huckleberry Finn
Robin, Barack Obama, Mobster

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