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QUIZ: Can you name the Do you know me??

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Favorite thing to be called (not public nickname)
Favorite color
bestfriend (out of state)
bestfriend (out of state)
best friend in state female
best freind in state male
number of lyrics
number of poems
stories ive writen
Favorite fan fic genre
Favorite animal
favorite animal
favorite artist
Favorite band
Favorite band
favorite band
favorite band
favorite band
favorite former band
Favorite designer
Most common word used to describe
favorite possession
pets name
pets name
pets name
Thing i hate
people i hate
people i hate
My favorite food
eye color
favorite thing musically
most used website
second most used website
something i enjoy
something i enjoy
favorite snack
When I grow up...
favorite song
Favorite song
favorite tv show
favorite Tv show
Language i know
language i know
language i know
Favorite art time period
Favorite word
favorite string of words

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