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Can you name the countries by their role in films, books or video games?

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Forced Order
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Location of the Orient Express when Samuel Ratchett is murdered
Kingdom where Hamlet rules over until he is murdered by his brother
Land where Don Quixote goes insane and tries to revive chivalry
Country which the Assassin Ezio spends the latter half of his life in
Home of Wolverine, Deadpool and the Alpha Flight
Home of the team that lost to Ireland in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup
Country which Minion Bob accidentally becomes king of
Country which Queen Elsa of Arendelle freezes over
Location where Princess Ann and Joe Bradley go on holiday
Birthplace of Auric Goldfinger
Country where Solomon Northup is sold into slavery for a dozen years
Land where Sun Wukong goes on his journey
Country where Loki first surrenders to the Avengers
Land where Maximus Decimus Meridius is sold to a gladiator trainer to compete
Location of a golden idol collected by Indiana Jones
Land where the Buendía family found the town of Macondo
Country where Forrest Gump goes to war and fails to save Bubba's life
Location of museum where the toys of Woody's Roundup are to be sent
Country which Evita didn’t want to cry for her
Country which Baroness Karen von Blixen comes out of
Country where Judah Ben-Hur is healed by Jesus Christ
Land which Odysseus sailed around on his journey home to Ithaca
Land where Claude Frollo raised the deformed Quasimodo
Country where Jamal Malik wins a popular game show
Country where Bruce Wayne trained under the League of Shadows
Location where Rick Blaine ran a nightclub in WW2
Country where Maria educates the Von Trapp family
Country which a giraffe, zebra, lion and hippo get stranded
Country where Lady Sarah Ashley inherits a cattle station
Country which Doc Emmett Brown steals plutonium from to power his time machine

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