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Association football or just football is also commonly known as what?Sports
What U.S. state has the capital Honolulu?Geography
Which American rapper recorded the song Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna?Music
Who is the princess of 2012 Pixar film Brave?Movies
'Situation comedy' is often shortened to what?Television
Which chess piece is spelled same (homophonous) with the word of the period of darkness between sunset and sunrise?Just for Fun
What's a term for an institution for teaching or educating children?Miscellanous
What is the first word of the spaceflight that its name ends with number '11', that landed the first humans on the Moon?History
What's the surname of the wizard boy Harry, that is the main character of the seven books wrote by J. K. Rowling?Literature
What is 'friends' in Spanish?Language
What chemical element has atomic number 6?Science
What is any of 28 small flat rectangular pieces marked with 0–6 dots (pips) in each half?Gaming
What's the surname of Walt who created the character Mickey Mouse?Entertainment
Who is the Greek goddess of wisdom?Religion
What Christian holiday is associated with bunny and colorful eggs?Holiday

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