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'Slam dunk' is a term in what sport?Sports
What's a term for a large body of water surrounded by land?Geography
What British boy band consists of members Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn (ex-member)?Music
What Disney animated movie features princesses Anna and Elsa?Movies
In Family Guy, who's Peter Griffin's daughter?Television
In CMYK, what color is the mix between yellow and magenta?Just for Fun
What fast food restaurant has the logo of redhead girl with pigtails that wears shirt with white and blue stripes?Miscellanous
Who was the 29th President of the United States (died in office)?History
Which American author and humorist born and died near the time of Halley's Comet?Literature
What's the official language of China and Taiwan (specific name)?Language
Solid, liquid, gas and what other state of matter?Science
How many playing cards in a standard deck (without jokers)?Gaming
Actress Monroe and singer Manson share the same forename. What is it?Entertainment
What river in northern India and Bangladesh that rises in the Himalayas and flows southwest to the Bay of Bengal, that regarded by Hindus as sacred?Religion
What type of bird in a pear tree on the first day of Christmas (carol)?Holiday

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