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Can you name the Laramie characters?

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became a member in Dragon at the Door
Was a guest star in Trigger Point
The one who helps Jess in Among the Missing
What falls on Jess in Lost Allegiance
In Night of the Quiet Man, what does Slim give to Jess AND what does he tell him to do
Killer Odds: Who is looking for Fred?
Who teaches Jess to swim?
suggest that Jess should be cuffed to a tree
Villian in Stage stop
The 'doctor' of the relay station
Who is the sheriff of Laramie?
where does Slim get shot in Shadows in the Dust?
Guest star in The Protectors
'he's out of his head. he's taken a mean beating' What episode it this from?
How long did the show run, with the same characters?

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