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In Creative Mode how many spawner eggs are available (including witch and bat)
what is a well known command used by Xephos for Honeydew
How many achievements are available at the moment for Xbox version
what patch update was available in July for Xbox
What layers do Slimes spawn on Xbox
what is a Mushroom Biome's equilavent of a grass block
as of the 1.8.2 update how many mobs are in the Xbox version (excluding the player)
apart from herobrine and the player what is the rarest mob
how are (the above answer) created
how many mobs live in the nether
what is the only way to die in creative mode
what can't you use to kill endermen
in the tekkit mod how many types of pipe are there
what materials do you need to make a map
how many potions are there
what materials do you need to make a brewing stand
what can heal poison
what tameable mob only spawn in jungle biomes
how do you tame (above answer)
where can silverfish only be found

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