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Can you name the What do you know about Minecraft 2 on (PC and Xbox)?

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what mob usually spawn in twos which are close together
nether equilavent of above answer
name a mob which has been removed or is unused
how many levels of experience is there
what is used to make a potion of regeneration
what percentage of chunks do slimes spawn in
what is the percentage chance of you getting flint from gravel
before the 1.8.2 update what did zombies drop (xbox version)
how do you get more items dropped by mobs without using the looting enchantment
how many blocks can you fall without dying when you impact on the floor
how many food stuffs are on the xbox version now (cooked and uncooked)
apart form flint and steel how else can you light a nether portal
name the substance which enderman can't stand
what is the only type of tree that drops apples when leaves are destroyed or they naturally decay
what is needed to craft a magma cream
how much hunger units does a cake fill
how many music disks are there as of the 1.8.2 update
how can you obtain chain armour
how do you cure poison
other than rotten flesh, eating raw chicken and a cave spider bite how else can you get poisoned

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