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What is the name of the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb on an enemy target in a war
What did Titanic hit which caused it to sink
If the year of D-Day was 1944. What was the date
What year was Pearl Harbour
What year did GCSE's replace O levels
What year does Britain test its first hydrogen bomb
What year did the confederate submarine HL Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink a ship
What Year was The Royal Air Force created from the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service.
Is it true or false that a truce was called in 1914 between German and British troops on Christmas day for a Soccer match
What was the collective name of the German planes which Bombed Britain for 57 consecutive nights
How old was Tutankhamun about when he died
What was the name of the wiritng system use dby the egyptians
What was the name of the philosopher who wrote about Atlantis
What is code name for the Battle of Normandy
During the Battle of Hastings what killed Harold II

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