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Can you name the monsters from the descriptioin?

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Shoots fire at you in the nether
Born form a coding bug
These monsters attack in groups when provoked (not same answer)
Fires arrows at you
You musn't look these in the eye
One of the most dangerous enemies to encounter
Purple eyes, teleport
Immune to water and lava
Attack strength 17, looks like a zombie
Can only spawn when monster spawners are found in nether fortresses
Other than the Skeleton which mob can spawn in with armour
These patrol Nether Fortresses?
When you have gathered 3 skulls what can you make?
2 small mobs make this creature
This mob gives you mining fatigue when you are close to it
Can spawn in swamps
Can only spawn when their spawners are present
These enemies have 8 layers
These enemies don't drop loot when killed
This mob has multiple abilities
These will occasionally spawn when teleporting
These water creatures don't die when out of water

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