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Can you name the Nintendo franchise by a list of their minor characters?

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Minor CharactersFranchise
Krusha, Klaptrap, Tiki Tong
Lt. Surge, N, Bruno
Tingle, Vaati, Skull Kid
Dyna Blade, Nightmare, Chef Kawasaki
Crazy Hand, Tabuu, Sandbag
Bouldergeist, Honey Queen, Lubba
Captain Syrup, Rudy the Clown, Bobo
Lakilester, X-Naut, Beldam
Butch, Blathers, Bianca
Elbert, Uther, Darin
Louie, Bulbie, President
Minor CharactersFranchise
Kraid, Chozo, Adam
Dash Bowman, Tricky, Leon Powalski
Kraden, Mia, Babi
Buzz Buzz, Jeff, Poo
Doc Louis, Soda Popinski, Von Kaiser
Toadofsky, Bowyer, Jinx
Berserker, Mr. EAD, Deathborn
Neville, Vincent Van Gore, Uncle Grimmly
Yoob, Popple, Midbus
18-Volt, Pyoro, Orbulon
Game Guy, Mushbert, Big Top

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