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DescriptionPurple Heart Winner
Won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual roles in 'Cat Ballou'
United States Secretary of State from 2001-2005
Former Arizona Cardinals linebacker killed by friendly fire
Received 3 Academy Awards for his work on the films 'Midnight Express', 'Platoon', and 'Born on the Fourth of July'
Portrayed Bret Maverick in the TV series 'Maverick'
Was awarded the Medal of Honor and appeared in over 40 movies, including 'To Hell and Back'
2008 Republican nominee for President of the United States
2004 Democratic nominee for President of the United States
35th President of the United States.
Author of 'Slaughterhouse 5' and 'Breakfast of Champions'
Portrayed Marshal Matt Dillon in the TV series 'Gunsmoke'
1957 Cy Young Award winner and member of the Hall of Fame
Host, creator, and writer of the 1959 CBS television series 'The Twilight Zone'
Author of the memoir 'Born on the Fourth of July'
Played Paul Kersey in 'Deathwish'
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas'

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