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The man from Israel who buys the building next door
Charlie's favorite food
A game that Charlie and Frank play together
Frank and Charlie's team name
Dennis and Mac's team name
Charlie's daily drug of choice
a sandwich made with peanut butter, chocolate, butter, and cheese
The newspaper writer who calls Paddy's the worst bar in Philadelphia
The writer's neighbor
Dee looks like a _______
Frank poses as Dennis' doctor who he names _____
The S in the D.E.N.N.I.S System stands for ________
Dee's Army boyfriend
Dee's Army bofriends online name
Dee's online name
Dee's Youtube fame name
Charlie likes to pretend he's a _______
Charlie stalks the _______
Old creepy jockey that Charlie befriends
'Can a twink be a top? Or is that reserved for ______?'
Dee's scheme to rake in extra money to stick it to the man
Charlie's move to swindle tickets at the World Series is the 'Charlie _____ _____'
Mac's #1 fashion choice that he once tried to retire and hang up in the bar
Charlie's mascot character
Highschool guy that Dee dates
Frank's boxing name
'Watch how this knife _______ through this shoe!'
Who is the most underrated actor of all time?
Dennis' underground street fighting name for Charlie
A Korean restaurant takes Paddy's place in a _________
Frank's nemesis from his boxing days
Dennis and Mac hunt ________
Dennis, Mac, and Charlie wrestle as the __________
They wrestle against the _______
Frank's idea for a wrestling character
The gang's wrestling character for Frank
'It was my _______ dude, its always been my _______'
Stunt videos that Mac makes and stars in
Convicted child molester that looks like Dennis
The gang sets off on a road trip to where?
Dennis poses as a dance instructor at the Paddy's dance contest, and teaches a woman what dance
The rival bar down the street the gang poisoned during Flip-A-Delphia
Head of the rival Flip-Cup team
Frat house where Dennis honed his god-given flip-cup skills at Penn
The fake beer brand the gang often drinks and poisons to best the frat boys
What drug does Frank partake in at the frat house?
What does Charlie use to blow up the building next to Paddy's?
Frank puts this in Charlie's beer at the Eagles tryouts
Who solves the mystery of who pooped the bed?

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