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Dennis breaks his record for _______ in one night while working at the Oldies Rock Cafe
The mob gives Mac the nickname ________
During the World Series, Frank and Charlie are infested with what?
Why is Dennis in court to tell the World Series story?
The gang calls the Phillies mascot _______
When Dennis and Frank impersonate cops, what do they keep getting for free?
Who is the pimp that Dennis and Dee meet while running a sting?
What is on Dennis' thermos that the pimp takes?
The gang finds a water stain in the bar that looks like _________
Cricket's legs are broken by _______
Frank's old street gang from the 50's is called __________
Who is Dennis and Dee's father?
Frank joins ______ to track down Dennis and Dee's real father.
Dennis and Dee's mother dies from what?
Mac, Dennis, and Dee try out for the ________
Dee's old highschool friend Ingrid Nelson is also known as what?
The invention that Charlie sells is called ________
Mac invents and designs the _______
In the Recession, Frank and Dee sell ________ (2 different items)
In the Recession, Charlie catches _______ to sell
Charlie names his horse ________
Mac and Charlie try to write a movie called ________
One of Franks many innovations is keeping sausages in his ________
Dennis' idea for Mac and Charlie's movie is to add _________
Another bright idea from Frank is to drink _____ out of a soda can
When the gang gives a Mexican family a makeover, Charlie's project is _________
In the first episode, Paddy's becomes Philadelphia's hottest _________
Mac's family's Christmas tradition was _________ the neighborhood
For Christmas, Frank buys a _________ to stick it to Dennis
This year's hottest Christmas toy was _________

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