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Can you name the Simpsons Characters Based On Their Description?

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Forced Order
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Simpson Father
Simpson Mother
Simpson Son
Simpson Daughter (Oldest)
Simpson Daughter (Youngest)
Simpson Gandpa
Simpson Grandma
Bart's Dorky friend
Father of Dorky Kid
Mother of Dorky Kid
School Nerd
School Nose Picker
School Twins
Serves Food At School
3rd Grade Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
Bully With a Skull Shirt
Bald Bully
Other Bully
Bully Who Always Wonders About His Father
Children Entertainer
Has a Bone In His Hair.
Other Doctor
Nutty Scientist
Owns A Comic Book Store
Owns A Bar
Owns An Italian Restaurant
Owns The Nucleur Power Plant
Owns The Largest Collection Of Malibu Stacy Dolls
Owns The Kwik-E-Mart
Head Police Officer
Other Police Officer
Other Other Police Officer
Reverond's Wife
News Reporter
Local Hillbilly
Hillbilly's Wife
Simpsons Cheerful Neighbour
Neighbour's (Dead) Wife
Neighbour's Son (Oldest)
Neighbour's Son (Youngest)
Always At The Bar With Homer
Always Injures His Eye
Great Singer Who Drinks A Lot
Local Boat Captain
Bad Salesman
Commonly Works At Krusty Burger
Always On The Spanish Channel
You Can Always Remeber Him From...
Cat And Mouse On TV
Homer's Pet Pig (In Movie)
Bart's Dog
Lisa's Cat
Bart's Elephant
Krusty's Monkey
Krusty's Father
Principal's Mother
Woman In MENSA
Homer's Step-Brother
Common Lawyer (Older Episodes)
Common Lawyer (Newer Episodes)
Lisa's Jazz Role Model
Robs The Kwik-E-Mart
Marge's Sister (Married Many Times)
Marge's Other sister
School Bus Driver
Wants To Kill Bart
Movie Star
Has A Type Of Dance In His Name
Local Gangster
Replaced The Gangster After He Died
Mayor Of Springfield
Capital City's Mascot
3-Eyed Fish
Duff Brewery's Mascot
Old Man With Terrible Luck
Lives At Retirement Home
Religious Old Man
Head Of The Stonecutters
Animal Woman
Alien 1
Alien 2
Apu's Brother
Apu's Wife
Cartoon Dog
Founder Of Springfield
German Student At School
Thinks A Lot Of Himself And Loves Marge
Bart's Evil Twin
Owns A Military Store
Country Singer
Comicbook Superhero
Sideshow Bob's Brother

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