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Who were the original members of The Beach House?
Where did Brenda go the summer that Dylan cheated on her with Kelly?
Which of Brandon's girlfriends almost set his house on fire?
How many members of the original cast(opening credits) were left by the end of the series(and never left at any point)?
What were the names of the parents of Kelly & David that got married?
What was Steve and Janet's baby's name?
What was the name of the paper that Steve and Brandon worked at?
What city did Valerie hail from before coming to Beverly Hills?
What was the name of the group that performed at Steve's 21st Birthday Party?
What is the name of Donna's cousin/half-sister?
Who originally thought of the name 'Peach Pit:After Dark'?
What was the name of the newspaper Brandon worked for when he met Susan?
Where did Ray push Donna down the stairs?
Which magazine was the Kelly the cover girl for?
What was Andrea's husband's name?
Who got married, only to lose their spouse the next day?
What was the name of the director Brenda left Beverly Hills with?
What was Noah's family's buisness called?
What was the name of David's friend who accidently shot and killed himself?
What was Carly's son's name?
What country did Suzanne flee to with Dylan's money?
What was the name of the girl that was in the fire with Kelly?
Which character was involved in a hit and run accident resulting in broken legs?
What was Claire's father's title at California University?
Brandon left the show to pursue a job in which city?

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