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Can you name the state(s) based on the information relative to Wyoming?

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The state that directly preceeds Wyoming alphabetically. (Wyoming is 50th alphabetically) -
One of the four states with more contiguous neighbor states than Wyoming (Wyoming has six neighbors)8, 8, 7, 7
One of the two other states with a 'Y' in its postal abbreviation. (Wyoming's abbreviation is WY) -
The state that directly preceeds Wyoming in a list of states ranked by total population. (Wyoming is 50th in total pop. with ~544K) ~621K
The only state with a lower population density than Wyoming. (Wyoming has 5.60/sq mi 2.16/sq km)1.22/sq mi or .47/sq km
The only other state whose boundaries form a regular rectangle (Wyoming's boundaries are formed by lat/long lines) -
One of only two lower 48 states that recorded a lower record temperature than Wyoming (Riverside, WY recorded -66 F)-70 F & -69 F
One of two states drier than Wyoming (WY has ave. annual precip. of 12.97 in.)9.54 in. & 12.26 in. enter state
The state that has the city with the 2nd best air quality following Cheyenne, WY (Cheyenne, WY is the city with the cleanest air in the country) enter state
One of three lower 48 states with a lower mean temp than Wyoming (Wyoming's mean annual temp is 41.98 F)32.13 F, 40.97 F, 41.16 F
One of four states with windier locations than Wyoming (Caspar & Cheyenne, WY each have ave. annual windspeeds of 12.9 mph)15.4mph, 14.0mph, 13.5mph, 13.1mph enter state
The only state with a higher average elevation than Wyoming (Wyoming ranks 2nd & averages 6700 ft elevation)6800 ft.
The state that directly preceeded Wyoming into the Union (WY entered as the 44th state on 7/10/1890)7/03/1890
The state that directly followed Wyoming into the Union (WY entered as the 44th state on 7/10/1890)1/04/1896

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