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Can you name the MLB all-stars who wore glasses for a substantial part of their careers based on the description?

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70/80's era player followed his manager to new league without leaving state. Named WS MVP once. 4xAS had best year of .291, 20 HR, 112 RBI. Overall stats were .247, 188 HR, 826 RBICatcher
Didn't crack this OF, but belongs on team. Lands at 1B where he played 19% of time. 4xAS & RoY played most in 60s. Highs were .296, 44 HR, 126 RBI. Career .273, 382 HR, 1119 RBI1B
5xAS in the 60's and 70's, with .303 ave. in his best year. Led his position in fielding % three times, and putouts once. Career numbers include .263, 54 HR and 593 RBI.2B
Lands at 3B where he played 38% of time. Known most as slugging 1B with rep for controversy. 60s/70s career .292, 351 HR, 1119 RBI. 7xAS, 1xMVP, RoY3B
60's era player garnered MVP on strength of 45 doubles leading to league high in runs and TB. 2xAS and 2xGG winner had a career line of .242, 95 HR and 471 RBI.SS
70/80s HOF player had cool glasses look. Not sure he needed them to see. Known for October exploits. Lifetime stats: .262, 563 HR, 1702 RBI. 14xAS & MVPOF
40's era player was rival to, and in shadow of, his big brother. Was very good player and 7xAS in ten full years who scored 1046 runs in those years. Batted .298, 87 HR, 618 RBIOF
HOF player wore glasses when it wasn't cool, in 20s and 30s. Won batting title at .349. Also had first hit in first AS game. His career stats are .317, 164 HR, 833 RBI, .526 slgOF
Hard throwing right-hander was a 4xAS with 223 wins and 181 complete games. Threw over 200 innings for eight straight years in the 30's. Lifetime ERA of 3.80. SP
Bullpen mainstay racked up 311 saves in his career. 2xAS in the 80's/90's. Had a career 2.67 ERA.RP

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