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Can you name the games by their humorous Steam review?

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ReviewGameGame Genre
It's almost 2015 and our world still isn't only shades of black and yellow - what gives? I never asked for this.RPG
Got my **** ripped out by Freddy and kicked in the *** by Sindel. 10/10 would watch boobies jiggle againFighting
The story follows four pill addicts hallucinating the zombie apocalypse as they stumble around shooting people.Survival Horror
It is like Portal if Portal asked you what it meant to be a human.Puzzle
Bought this, installed it, and it lived up to its name by magicly disapearing from my hardrive.First Person Shooter
Gandhi approached me with gifts then nuked me. 11/10Turn Based Strategy
This is the best elevator sim on the market. If you like elevators, this is a must play.RPG
You were working for the Italian Mafia, then 10 minutes later you're killing them with katanas. 11/10.Action
I liked a character. He died. It made me sadPoint and Click
best incest simulator of the decade 10/10 would lannister moreGrand Strategy
ReviewGameGame Genre
Best Microsoft Excel Space Simulator out there.MMORPG
I let my target notice me. He tried to follow me. A crocodile ate him. I am an assassin.Action/Stealth
Shot a child in the face after he pickpocketed me. Turned the whole town hostile. Ran away to New Reno. Became a Pornstar. [game] in a nutshell 11/10RPG
A game where trying to interact with giants holding clubs turns into the funding of NASA's space program.RPG
Poored a bottle of ether on a girl's pair of panties to knock out of perverted CIA agent. 10/10Stealth
Dead parents simulator.Action
Ate some species's children then tried to befriend them. They atacked me so I made them extinct. 10/10God Game
Day 1: Made Kim Jong-Un proud. Day2: Made NASA proud. 10/10Simulation/Sandbox
Licked a woman did not get arrested 69/10 beastialty sim 2k14 IGN approvesSimulation

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