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My to do list today is turn the party out/Getting hot in here no room to breath /I got my pen in my hand so you best not sleep /No I'm not Herman Munster or Dr. Spock Beastie Boys
I tried to be someone else/But nothing seemed to change/I know now, this is who I really am inside/Finally found myself/Fighting for a chance/I know now, this is who I really am30 Seconds To Mars
Feels like I'm floatin'/Weightless in flight/Light that's exploding/As a soul and gravity fightSugarland
Your nerves gather with the altitude/Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued/Somewhere there is a happy affair/a ghost of a good mood/Wide eyed, panic on the getaway Owl City
Too bad too sad/This is goodbye and bon voyage/Farewell see you in hell/I hope you rest in pieces/F*ck You!/Oh… oh oh oh Green Day
It's like I'm taking 5 steps forward/And 10 steps back/Trying to get ahead of the game/But I can't seem to get it on track/And I keep running away from the ones that say they love Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Get my top and socks off/But showing me that dollas in your drop box/Me and all my friends we don't buy bottles, we bring em/We take the drinks from the tables when you get upKe$ha
You're so busy makin' maps/With my name on them in all caps/You've got the talkin' down/Just not the listeningSara Bareilles
Reena, Meena, Tina, Supina/Beena super indian babe/We black market/We black main/We hit sh*t out when it rainsM.I.A.
Over the past five years/I have shed my tears/I have drank my beers and/Watched my fears fly away/Until this day/She still swings my way Papa Roach
I'm checking on your vital signs/The still life in your bloodshot eyes/Looking at me like you don't even know me/I know you're dying slowlyLoveSick Radio
Now you got that feelin'/And it makes you want to fly/So have the faith/And now play it safe/Cuz you never now when you'll dieFamily Force 5
There's no peace/There's no quiet on this earth/He could find unless held tightly in the womb beneath the dirt/Heard no more/And when he turned 24/He wrote a not to mail to God's fSay Anything
Let it all burn/I won't burn first/God, I've tried/Am I lost in your eyes?/Just let me burn/It's what I deserve/God, I've lied/Am I lost in your eyes?Hollywood Undead
I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar/That much is true/But even then I knew I'd find a much better place/Either with or without you Human League
Late at night I can hear your voices/Talking sh*t about all my choices/You want faith that you've known me forever/Just because you know my nameStaind
I always wish that I could find/Someone as beautiful as you/But in the process I forgot/That I was special tooMadonna
I'll put you back where you belong/Hopeless, fading/And I will rise while you/Calm the monster you have fedRed
As we were/So perfect/so happy/They'll remember/Only our smiles/Cuz that's all they've seen/Long since dried/When we are found/Are the tears in which we have drownedRise Against
I was upstairs/She came and woke me/I was asleep and tired/She came insideMichael Jackson
We're in a den of things/Rummaging for answers in the pages/We're in a den of things/And it's contagious Regina Spektor
There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface/Consuming, confusing/This lack of self control I fear is never ending/Controlling, I can't seem to find myself againLinkin Park
Introduced me to her/But I never really got her name/Guess it's all just a blur/When you're looking in a mirror at midnightFreezepop
She saw the bright lights/She caught the fever/She got contagious/She never leave it/So no more time spent/And no more free sh*t/In fact this free ride has reached it's destinationKevin Rudolf
Now here's your warning/Take this down/You better get yourself familiar with these leaving you sounds/Cuz it wasn't the first and sure won't be the last guyRanger Danger

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