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I was on the brink of a heart attack/You gave me life and keep me coming back/I see the sun rise in your eyes, your eyes/We've got a future full of blue skiesKaty Perry
Hush, hush/The world is quiet/Hush, hush/We both can't fight it/It's us that made this mess/Why can't you understand?Neon Trees
I heard you play guitar/Down at a seedy bar/Where skinheads used to fight/Your Tokugawa smile/And your garbage style/Used to save the nightVampire Weekend
Well on the way/Head in a cloud/The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud/But nobody ever hears him/or the sound he appears to makeThe Beatles
She lives in a fairy tale/Somewhere too far for us to find/Forgotten the taste and smell/Of the world that she's left behindParamore
Cause I got some intuition/Or maybe I'm superstitious/But I think you're a pretty sweet pill that I'm swallowing down/To counter this addictionThe Ready Set
I know we'll never see those days again/And things will never be that way again/But that's just how it goes/People change but I know I won't forget you Honor Society
People stare and cross the road from me/And jungle drums they all clear the way for me/Can you read my mind, can you see in the snowDuran Duran
When July became December/Their affection fought the cold/But they couldn't quite remember/What inspired them to go/And it was beautifully depressingPanic! At The Disco
On a night when bad dreams become a screamer/When they're messin' with the dreamer/I can laugh it in the face/Twist and shout my way outHall & Oates
Everybody's someone else's n***r/I know you are so am I/I wasn't born with enough middle fingers/I don't need to choose a side Marilyn Manson
Keep on writing you're just raping yourself /Nothing can take my mind away from them/Don't you ask about me, ask 'bout somebody else/Once I've fallen there's many stories to tellAvenged Sevenfold
Take my hand/We'll be off and then/We'll come back again/To a different land/Now I like this way/You could go away/If you guess the name/You could not replaceBreaking Benjamin
In a world that I don't want to know/With a message that I never want to send/To be free from all of this/I want you to quicken my endDisturbed
If you feel so empty/So used up, so let down/If you feel so angry/So ripped off, so stepped on/You're not the only one/Refusing to back down Three Days Grace
Someone call an exorcist, and help me kill this curse/I can't stop the bleeding, and it's only getting worse/This happens all the time/This happens every dayBring Me The Horizon
Oh my God have i done it again/theres a pulse and its deafening/I can't help what i hear in my head/it's the switch that i flick when she says... Bullet For My Valentine
Steel unload/Fire blow/Filthy animals/beat them low/Skin and bone/Black and blue/No more this sun shall beat onto youLinkin Park
I let you put it in my mouth/I let it get under my skin/I let you put it in my veins/I let you take me from withinNine Inch Nails
It's hard to stay between the lines of skin/Just cuz I have nerves, don't mean that I can feel/I wasn't very much fun to be with anyway/Just let the blood run red cuz I can't feel Slipknot
There comes a time when we will choose/A time in life which we're confused/This feeling we will share exists/It sometimes translates with a kissSienna Skies
Every time I feel selfish ambition/Is taking my vision/And my crime is my sentence/Repentance is taking commission/It's taking a toll on my soulTwenty One Pilots
It was the winter of '86/All the fields had frozen over/So we moved to Arizona/To save our only son/And now he's turned into a man/Though he thinks just like his mother fun.
So close, so far/Another minute, wait another minute/Make a wish on a falling star/Another minute, wait another minute/Minutes turn to days, you just can't wait anymoreThe Drama Club
Don't fix it if it hasn't broken/Don't regret it if it hasn't happened yet/So let's go/A tiny spark to set it off/I'll explode/Ignite the dark, illuminate the unknownFour Year Strong
Digging deeper in my mind/Can;t get you out of my head/There's no way to describe how you make me feel/I don't know/Is it love?/I have lost control10 Years
Now there's a whole wide world that want's to know/She's bathing in the neon/ She's polluting all the airwaves/While I'm passing in the hallwayEvans Blue
Deepening shadows gather splendor/As day is done/Fingers of night will soon surrender/The setting sun/I count the moments, darling, till' you're here with meThe Platters

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