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I only smile in the dark/My only comfort is the night gone black/I didn't accidentally tell you that Garbage
I stop the car and close my eyes/I can see her face, but It takes a while/And it feeds it like the morning light/Slow and unfocusedParachute
To think that spring had depended/On merely this a look, a kiss/To think that something so splendid/Could slip away in one little daybreakFrank Sinatra
You're feelin' guilty/And I'm well aware/But you don't look ashamed/And baby I'm not scaredUncle Kracker
Stick and stones, a few clam living bones/Salt and water melt my skin/If you don't set sail, you'll end up in the belly of a whale/No swallow saint will mock your graveFlogging Molly
We don't need your democracy/Execute them kindly for me/Take them by their filthy nostrils/Put them up in doggy hostelsSerj Tankian
But be forewarned/We don't put up with mouthing off/So bring your friends and I'll bring mine/It's party time when I get home /YEAH!City Lights
This ain't a love song/This ain't a broken heart homie singin' only 'cause he's lonely/This ain't a love song/This ain't a whiskey-drowned ballad3Oh!3
She's pilgrim and pagan/Softworn and social/In all of her dreams/She's a saint like Jackie-O/This isn't god, this isn't godMarilyn Manson
It's a little late/In a little while/Can we forget about it?/With a little lake/Have a little fire/We'll take the fun out of it/Pour a little wine/Take a little mealAngels & Airwaves
Softly sighs my Nightingale/Another broken promise tips the scale and it goes pale/He sings/Shifting from side to side/Can't make up his God-given mind/Why don't you just go Eisley
These playing fields are level/We all have a chance/With that they dismiss/The fast lanes they rode/In which access depends/On who you know/Or where you came fromRise Against
Go on and give me the gun/Never mind what I've done/They left me no choice/oh, they left me no choice/Go on and give me the gun/Let me blow them open/It's out of my reachCoheed And Cambria
I give blood, not for the cause/But to slowly give up the person I was/Holding my breath won't help, everything went to hell/So now I steal back pennies from the wellSenses Fail
Hey, walkin' out the crib with a smile on my face/Super hero, utility belt tied around my waist/Tryin'a be next, quicker than the reflex/Chainin' down in Key West/Every class recesMac Miller
I hope you're coming in peace with good intentions/I've got something to say that might save your soul/this sign is a warning so pay attentionCrosby & Nash
I thought it would be fun and games/instead it's all the same/I want something to do/need to feel the sickness in you/I feel the reason as it's leaving me no not againKorn
I am my own affliction/I am my own disease/There ain't no drug that they could sell/Ah, there ain't no drug to make me well/There ain't no drugSwitchfoot
I don't like the radio/I don't like TV/They're selling so much sh*t these days/And this sh*t is not who I want to be/I don't like officials/Using rank to pretend they're not crooksLimp Bizkit
Does what I'm taking seem to bother you? Well, that's okay/'Cause I can take it all without you and I'm okay/I've got it on my mind to change my waysPretty Reckless
I wear Toms and/He wears sneakers/He's banging your friend/Underneath the bleachers/I'm dreaming about the day when you wake up and find/That what you're looking for has been here For All Those Sleeping
Get it, I'd probably visit where Katrina hit/And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did/yeah, can't forget about me, stupid/Everywhere I go, Imma have my own theme musicTravie McCoy
Tricks and treats/And fees and holds/Buy you a diamond/Cut from coal/But I can't/And I won't/Pick your posies/Ring a rose/Pavlov's pup gotta hit the roadSleeper Agent
I tried to figure out, I can understand/What it means to be whole again/Trapped inside the truth and the consequence/Nothings real, nothings making senseCreed

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